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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Truth or Dare Challenge

Truth or Dare Challenge

As a part of a new group of authors for young adults called TEAM TEEN AUTHOR, initiated by Julie CrossI have foolishly agreed to take part in the Truth or Dare Challenge.

So...all you ex-students of mine- here is  your chance to get me back for that C- I gave you in art class! Everybody else, maybe you're just having a rough week and need to take out your frustrations on a poor, defense-less author/art teacher...  Bring it on... (Be nice!!!) Post a question for me to answer truthfully and a dare, and I will pick one. I will either answer your question or take on your dare. If I do the dare I will post proof!! If I chicken out, I have to post a chicken pic on my blog for a week...sigh


loulouvoo said...

hi i'm loulouvoo,(from perfect 10) here's my truth and dare for you
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
Use lipstick and write the word “funky monkey” across your face. Keep it there at least 30mins. While walking round your local supermarket.

Monica G Lopez said...


Your dare is e-pic! :) I wish I would of thought of it. :)

Adam N. Leonard said...

Dearest Monica and Loulouvoo (you twisted freaks):

I plan to fulfill your requests of me this weekend- so stay tuned... Also, please join my blog and post some of your writing or a link to your writing!!! :)

Adam N. Leonard said...

Worst Gift:
I was 8 years old and obsessed with the pratfall- I had mastered the fake trip and liked to fall over the couch, the coffee table, down the stairs, etc to get a laugh from my prepubescent friends...
Well, invited most of my 3rd grade class to my birthday party that year, had asked for and expected Star-wars action figures from my parents...
First present I took to open was from my parents. I pretended to fall out of my seat and fell onto the present to get a laugh and hopefully not bang up my action figure too bad...
My parents scolded me and took the present from me as they lit my birthday cake. I thought that yelling at me on my birthday was pretty rude so when they handed me back my present to open it- I accidentally-on purpose let it catch fire over the candles. I thought this would have some terrific shock value and maybe get a few laughs- plus was payback for being yelled at during my party. I figured I'd stamp it out before C3PO or R2D2 got melted- But DANG! paper wrapping paper goes up like gasoline! I tried to pat out the flames but quickly gave up, tossed in on the floor and stamped out the flames by jumping up and down on the box- action figures be damned!
Well... turns out the parents got me a hamster that year...

Adam N. Leonard said...

By the way, that birthday story may or may not be true... remember making up stories is my hobby! (no hamsters were injured! I think I actually got a sweater for my 8th birthday!)

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