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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Getting Back in the Game

     I'm having a wonderful time meeting new writers and taking classes at Southern New Hampshire University. I am looking forward to getting my website updated and getting back into writing again. My participation in SNHU's MFA program for Creative Writing has been the kick in the pants I've needed. I'm interested in getting to know other authors and sharing work and ideas. 

The Creative Authors Network 
     As a new writer/author, it is difficult to begin creating content for your author site, blog, and/or social media sites because you haven't established a reader base yet. New authors feel like they are writing to no oneand sometimes, they are!
     The Creative Authors Network was created to help alleviate those problems by allowing authors to visit each others author sites, and become part of one another's audience and support structure. It is free to join and the only cost is the time you are willing to share with other authors, by reading and responding to their author media sites from time to time. 
    Additionally, this network will provide helpful writing content and links to publishing outlets, agents, and small presses. There are also special publishing opportunities that are limited to only its members and members of its affiliated writers groups. 
     I invite all writers, whether new to the field, or established authors to join our network and become involvedconnected with our group. Spread your joy of writing! Inspire and be inspired!
Check out our group here.